Jr NBAD Results, held at Lake of the Ozarks.

BIG thanks to Teen Institue where 50 kids came to learn and fish.

2-5 years old
1st Place: Abby Herman 5 yr old, 1.44 lb KS
2nd Place: Hunter Foster, 5 yr old, 1.42 lb MO
3rd Place: Zac Herman, 3 yr old, 1.36 lb KS


6-12 years old
1st Place: Brandon Ketchum, 12 yr old, 4.33 lb TX
2nd Place: Brenden Foster , 11 yr old, 3.16 lb MO
3rd Place: Jennida Willoughby, 12 yr old, 1.46 lb MO
13-17 years old
1st Place: Tanner Ketchum, 14, yr old, 3.88 lb TX
2nd Place: Buett Cuews, 13 yr old, 1.73 lb MO
3rd Place: Aryzona Marsxh, 13 yr old, 1.20 lb KS
Sportmanship Nick Lister (15) MO and Payton Lowry (7) IL

Scholarship: Tanner Ketchum 14, TX