The 41st Annual Team Tournament is at Douglas Lake near Dandridge, Tennessee.Douglas Lake flyer

Headquarters is at the Point Resort, link

Update of June 13, 2016

Here is the tournament roster as of registration close

Bob Seremeth MD and Bobby Seremeth MD

Alan Rork IN and Kenneth Baughman IN

Chris Nordstrom TX and Matt Erikson TX

Jeff Willoughby MO and Dennis Bacon MO

Ron Smith MO and Matt Kemper MO

David Keinath MO and Greg Zinn MO

Tony Price TX and Martin West AR

Brett Ketchum TX and Tanner Ketchum TX

Rondale Ketchum AR and Stanley Ketchum AR

Noah Myers GA and Ernie Ortega GA

David Sicoli TX and Teddy Hall TX

Johnny Hedge JR TN and Glenda Hedge TN

Donnie Cox FL and Dudley Tuttle FL

Matt Marotti WI and Kyle Voss WI

Tony Keathley WV and Lisa Keathley WV

Kevin Rogan IL and Andres Cisneros IL

Danny Cochran TN and James Mathes TN

Ricky Cornish DC and James Clark TX

Shaun Ray IN and Charles Thomas FL


UPDATE as of May 4, 2016 - The flyer has the weekly schedule added. Just click on the image on the right or click here for 4-page flyer.

Boat Requirements Flyer

Sunday, June 12

7 pm- Board meeting

Monday, June 13
2-4 pm Anglers registration
4 pm Mandatory anglers meeting
6-8 pm JrNBAD contest

Tuesday, June 14
5 am Boat inspection
6 am - 3 pm Team Tournament Day 1
4-5 pm NBAD Interview Center (JrNBAD 1-3 places, Team Day 1 1st-3rd places)
7-9 pm Kids Awards, Class 101 & Social

Wednesday, June 15
5 am Boat inspection
6 am - 3 pm Team Tournament Day 2
4-5 pm NBAD Interview center
7 pm Door Prizes & Social

Thursday, June 16
5 am Boat inspections
6 am - 3 pm Team Tournament Day 3
4-5 pm NBAD Interview Center (Team Day 3 & Final team 1st-3rd places)
7 pm NBAD Awards Ceremony