All of the tournaments since 1976 are 3 consecutive days, from Tuesday to Thursday and the team is two persons, which continues to present.  Lunker or Big Bass Day usually was held on Monday and was discontinued in 2012.

In 1976, the limit was 10 bass per day per person, totaling 60 bass per team which continued until 1999.  From 2000 to 2012, the limit was lowered again to 5 bass per day per person, totaling 30 bass per team.

Starting at Lake Amistad in Texas in 2013, the limit is lowered again to 5 bass per day per team, totaling 15 bass for three days.  The 5-bass limit still continues to present.

Therefore, there are three set of records, 60-bass limit for 1976 to 1999, 30-bass limit for 2000 to 2012, and 15-bass limit for 2013 to present.


2013 to present (15-bass limit)

2013 - Brett Ketchum & Martin West caught a total of 44 lb with big bass at 5.75 lb at Lake Amistad, TX.

2015 - Daniel Duckwall & John Forinash caught a total of 33.28 lb at Oneida Lake, NY.

2014 - Johnny Hedge Jr & Glenda Hedge caught a total of 20.22 lb at Douglas Lake, TN.


2000 to 2012 (30-bass limit)

2008 - Otto Rechenberg of CA & Glenn Giudice of CO caught a total of 90.03 lb at Clear Lake, CA.

2005 - J. Colton Armstrong & D. J. Jorgensen, both from TX caught a total of 50.46 lb at Wheeler Lake, AL.


1976 to 1999 (60-bass limit)

1983 - Gene Amons and Harry Trahan of LA caught a total of 85.875 lb at Lake Eufaula, OK.


Big Bass Record

Jerry Belew of AR stills hold the biggest bass caught ever, 9.07 lb at Lake Ouachita, AR in 1992.  Second place is Ron Smith with 9.06 lb caught at Clear Lake, CA in 2008.

 NBAD Biggest bass in history - Jerry Belew 9.07 lb largemouth


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